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Then – Fresno Flats has the distinction of not stemming from a gold mining town. It began quite deliberately as a community with homes, schools and churches to provide stability for the miners, lumberjacks, cattlemen and farmers finding this area in the 1850s. The name Fresno Flats alludes to the Spanish word for ash trees (Freszo).

From the get-go, Fresno Flats thrived. In 1893, it boasted a hotel, a restaurant, a saloon, a Chinese store, a Chinese laundry, a post office, a stage stop, a livery stable and a blacksmith shop. In 1912 the name was changed from Fresno Flats to Oakhurst. The railroad line to Raymond skipped Fresno Flats, and later Highway 140 through Mariposa, also left the town in the dust as tourists sought the fastest and most direct path to Yosemite. When the Madera Sugar Pine Mill closed early in the Depression, the few hundred people left seemed destined to abandon the area, making it a true ghost town.

However, Highway 41 was completed by the end of the decade to draw visitors from the San Joaquin Valley – and it ran right through dying Oakhurst.

Now – Today, 13,700 people call Oakhurst home – small enough to retain that close community atmosphere, large enough to support modern industries and retail. Oakhurst enjoys being part of a region that has the highest number of artists per capita of area in the United States.

Art galleries, antique shopping, live theater, a Cineplex, a Children's Museum, several other museums, historical parks and markers, gold panning, hiking, biking, and horse riding trail, bowling, dancing, hunting, fishing, golfing, swimming, skiing, dining, arcades, baseball games, marathons, bluegrass festivals, concerts in the park and car shows keep this town hopping! There is always something wonderful to see and do. Looking for a home in the hub of our eastern Madera Community, you can always find homes, or land for sale in Oakhurst – Yosemite's Beautiful Front Yard!

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