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    Every REALTOR® I know
    will list your property, post it in the MLS, put up signs, and a flyer holder box with an initial supply of flyers.If the listing agent does nothing more, and the property is well priced, one or more of several hundred available selling agents will find a buyer for it.
    But there is much more, that the listing agent representing you can do, to improve your chances of a quicker sale and a better price.

    Expect more from Your Realtor and get more!

    • 1.Use a professional photographer for all your photos in the MLS.
    • 2.Send “Just Listed” letters to nearby property owners.
    • 3.Maintain a unique, stand out, web site, (other than, or in addition to a site provided by franchising organization), and post all your listings.
    • 4.Hold well publicized open house showings with refreshments, and door prizes.
    • 5.Send out “New Listing” notices to agent’s contact base, and to other agents.
    • 6.Post all listings in multiple social media.
    • 7.Take phone calls on evenings, weekends and holidays.
    • 8.Present and describe listings on the big screen at weekly MLS meetings.
    • 9.Provide advice from a professional on home “staging.”
    • 10.List and place a supply of the home’s desirable features where showing agents will readily find them, and share with potential buyers.
    • 11.Notify seller by e-mail every time the property is shown by any agent.
    • 12.Maintain an up to date on line newsletter to help publicize agent’s REALTOR® activities, and listings.
    • 13.Order a chain of title report upon listing, so that if problems exist, they can be addressed before and not after escrow is opened.
    • 14.Exercise high standards of ethics and moral conduct in business.
    • 15.Maintain an accredited A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau by complying with its business standards.
    • 16.Work with a team member or assistant, to provide more and better service.
    • 17.Avoid taking on too many listings where superior service to your listing and every other listing will be difficult, if not impossible.
    • 18.Maintain a strong online presence so that buyers will find your listing.
    • 19.Make frequent visits to property to check on signs, flyers, and overall appearance of property.
    • 20.Participate in local Chamber of Commerce and, and other business and service organizations, and network with other members.

    Bass Lake, California

Bass Lake, California